Three Australian players, Hayley Raso, Lydia Williams, and Caitlin Foord, have been selected for the Australian Olympic squad. Three Matildas, Hayley Raso, Lydia Williams, and Caitlin Foord, have been chosen to represent Australia in the upcoming Olympics.

This summer, Steph Catley, Caitlin Foord, and Kyra Cooney-Cross have exciting plans as they prepare to travel to Paris for an international soccer tournament. The three professional players are thrilled for the opportunity to represent their country and compete against top teams from around the world. As a defender, Catley is honored to wear her team’s colors and showcase her skills on a global stage. Foord, a speedy forward, is confident in her and her teammates’ hard work and dedication to perform well. Cooney-Cross, a creative midfielder, is looking forward to the challenge of facing tough competition and believes in the strength of her team’s teamwork and communication on the field. Together, these athletes are determined to make a mark and show the world what they can do on the international soccer stage.

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