Thierry Henry Wife: Nicole Merry

Thierry Henry, the football legend, is celebrated for his remarkable skills on the field. Beyond that, his intriguing personal life, notably his marriage to Nicole Merry, adds depth to the Thierry Henry wife narrative.

Early Life and Career

| Date of Birth | August 17, 1977 | | Place of Birth | Les Ulis, France | | Height | 1.88 meters (6 feet 2 inches) | | Position | Forward |

Henry’s journey began with Monaco B in 1994, where he made 19 appearances and scored 6 goals. He then moved on to the senior team at Monaco, accumulating 105 appearances and notching 20 goals.

Arsenal: The Glory Years

| Club | Arsenal | | Total Appearances | 254 | | Total Goals | 174 | | Premier League Titles| 2001-02, 2003-04 |

Thierry Henry’s career reached its zenith during his time with Arsenal, where he made 254 appearances and scored an astounding 174 goals. These were the years when Arsenal clinched Premier League titles.

International Success

International Career
France (1997–2010) 123 appearances
51 goals

On the international stage, Henry represented France with distinction, accumulating 123 appearances and an impressive 51 goals. He was instrumental in France’s triumphs: the 1998 FIFA World Cup win and the 2000 UEFA European Championship victory.

Managerial Career

Coaching and Managerial Roles
Belgium (assistant) 2016–2018
AS Monaco (manager) 2018–2019
Montreal Impact (manager) 2019–2021
Belgium (assistant) 2021–2022
France U21 (current) 2023–present

After his playing career, Thierry Henry transitioned into coaching, working with Belgium, AS Monaco, and the Montreal Impact. He currently manages the France national under-21 team.

Thierry Henry Wife: Marriage to Nicole Merry

Nicole Merry, a British model and actress, played a significant role in Thierry Henry’s personal life. They met in 2001 during a Renault Clio ad shoot, playing a couple who fell in love and married. The ad campaign was a massive success and propelled both of their careers.

Thierry Henry and Nicole Merry exchanged vows on July 5, 2003, at the picturesque Highclere Castle in Berkshire, England. Their extravagant wedding ceremony carried a price tag of £250,000 and drew numerous celebrities and football stars.

Their union was blessed with the birth of their daughter, Téa, on May 27, 2005, in London. However, their marriage faced challenges, and they divorced in September 2007 due to Henry’s alleged infidelity with a make-up artist named Sadie Hewlett. The divorce settlement reportedly amounted to £10 million, with custody of Téa awarded to Nicole Merry.

Life After Divorce

After Divorce
Maiden Name Claire Merry
Career Modeling and Acting
Appearances Maxim, FHM, The Bill, Dead Man Running
Relationship Status Single
Focus Raising her daughter and pursuing passions
Charity Work Animal welfare, environmental protection, children’s education

Thierry Henry’s Current Relationship

Current Partner Andrea Rajacic
Relationship Start 2008
Children Tristan and Tatiana
Marriage Rumors Rumors of secret marriage in 2023 (unconfirmed)
Privacy Keeping personal lives relatively private


Thierry Henry has embarked on a remarkable journey, transitioning from football stardom to coaching excellence, all while maintaining an intriguing personal life, including his marriage to Nicole Merry. Their story, despite challenges, captivates football history, adding to Henry’s legacy as a Premier League great and sport’s true legend.


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