The recipient of the 2023/24 Emirates Goal of the Season Award for Arsenal is Saka.

The star forward’s incredible goal against Nottingham Forest in the first game of the season has been declared the top goal in a recent survey conducted by the team. Supporters were asked to vote for their preferred goal so far this season, and the forward’s impressive strike emerged victorious.

The goal, which was scored during the first half of the match, was a remarkable demonstration of talent and accuracy. The winger skillfully maneuvered past multiple defenders before firing a powerful shot into the top corner of the goal, leaving the opposing goalkeeper with no chance to save it.

Not only was the goal a fantastic individual effort, but it also played a crucial role in securing the team’s victory that day. It set the tone for the rest of the season and left fans in awe of the forward’s skills.

Following the announcement of the poll results, the winger expressed gratitude to the fans for their support and recognition of his goal. He acknowledged his teammates for their contributions in setting up the goal and promised to continue giving his all for the team.

The winger’s goal against Nottingham Forest will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most memorable moments of the season, and it rightfully earned the top spot in the club’s survey. Supporters will be eager to see more of the same from the winger as the season progresses.

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