The Fattest NBA Players in History and Today

When we think of NBA players, we often picture tall and athletic individuals who excel on the basketball court. However, the NBA has also seen its fair share of players who defied the conventional norms of athleticism and earned their place in the league due to their exceptional skills. In this article, we’ll explore the heaviest NBA players in history and shed light on the current top contenders for this unique title.

The Fattest NBA Player Ever: Oliver Miller

Early Life and Background

Oliver Miller, affectionately known as “The Big O,” was a former professional basketball player who left a lasting impression on the NBA. Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Miller’s journey to the NBA began in college when he played basketball at the University of Arkansas. His remarkable size and skills on the court attracted attention, and in 1992, he was drafted by the Phoenix Suns.

Career in the NBA

Teams Played For Notable Achievement
Phoenix Suns Part of the Phoenix Suns team that reached the NBA Finals in 1993.
Toronto Raptors
Dallas Mavericks
Sacramento Kings
Notable Achievements and Career Highlights
Standout Season 1995-96 season with the Toronto Raptors
Averages in 1995-96 Season – Points: 12.9 – Rebounds: 7.4 – Assists: 2.9 – Blocks: 1.9 – Steals: 1.4

in this tremendous season he showcased his versatility and contributions on the court.

Extraordinary Weight
Peak Weight At one point in his career, he weighed as much as 380 pounds (170 kilograms)
Heaviest Player in NBA History Yes, held the title for years


Miller’s basketball journey extended beyond the NBA as he also played overseas and for semi-professional American teams. He officially retired from professional basketball in 2010, leaving a legacy as one of the most unique and memorable players in the league.

The Fattest Basketballers in NBA History

In the annals of NBA history, there have been players who stood out not just for their basketball prowess but also for their exceptional size and weight. In this table, we take a closer look at some of the heaviest basketballers to ever grace the NBA courts, excluding the legendary Oliver Miller. These players redefined the concept of size in professional basketball, leaving an indelible mark on the game. Let’s delve into their impressive physical dimensions and contributions to the sport.

Player Position Weight (kg) Height (cm)
Sim Bhullar Center 163 226
Shaquille O’Neal Center 147 216
Eddy Curry Center 145 211
Robert Traylor Power Forward 145 203

The Current Heaviest NBA Players (2022-23 Season)

Now, let’s turn our attention to the heaviest players currently gracing NBA courts:

Player Position Weight (kg) Height (cm) Club Achievements
Jusuf Nurkic Center 131 211 Portland Trail Blazers NBA All-Rookie Second Team in 2015, Western Conference Player of the Week in March 2017, Western Conference Player of the Month in March 2019
Nikola Jokic Center 129 213 Denver Nuggets Reigning NBA MVP
Zion Williamson Power Forward 129 198 New Orleans Pelicans  First overall pick
Brook Lopez Center 128 213 Milwaukee Bucks All-time leading scorer for New Jersey Nets

In this table, we’ve highlighted key information about some of the heaviest players currently gracing the NBA courts. These players, known for their imposing size and weight, play pivotal roles on their respective teams. Their positions, weight, height, current clubs, and notable achievements underscore the unique physical attributes that make them stand out as some of the fattest players in the NBA today.

Encouragement for Aspiring Players

To those who dream of playing in the NBA but may face challenges due to their weight, remember that talent and determination can overcome obstacles. Embrace your dreams, work hard, and never underestimate the power of your passion for the game. The NBA has seen players of all shapes and sizes make their mark, and you can too.


In the world of professional basketball, size and weight may vary, but it’s the heart, dedication, and skills that truly define a player’s legacy. As we celebrate the heaviest NBA players in history and today, let their stories serve as inspiration for all who aspire to step onto the hardwood. Stay tuned for more engaging sports content from Sporty Savanna, where we celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of the sports world.


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