News about Arsenal: Test: Can you Identify All Arsenal Players Who Have Scored a Penalty in the Premier League?

Based on the club’s latest statistics, 29 players have scored a penalty for the team in the Premier League. This list consists of both current and former players who have converted their chances from the 12-yard mark.

Among the current players, highly-regarded strikers like Harry Kane and Son Heung-min have proven to be reliable in taking penalties for the team. Their calmness and accuracy have resulted in successful spot-kicks, contributing to the team’s points in the league.

Alongside the current players, past players have also left their mark from the penalty spot. Fan favorites such as Teddy Sheringham and Jurgen Klinsmann have displayed their expertise in converting penalties during their time with the club, earning them legendary status.

This group of players who have scored a penalty for the team in the Premier League highlights the talent and skill of those who have represented the club throughout the years. From experienced veterans to emerging talents, each player has played a pivotal role in the team’s success from the spot, showcasing their ability to handle pressure and perform under critical situations.

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