News about Arsenal: Coming together with Laura Wienroither

Sabrina Müller, an Austrian defender, has recently returned to playing after recovering from an injury that had kept her away from the field for a few months. In a recent interview, Müller talked about her comeback and discussed the relationships within the team.

“It feels amazing to be back on the pitch with my fellow team members,” Müller shared. “It was a challenging road to recovery, but I am thankful for the support from my coaches, teammates, and medical team who helped me through the process.”

Müller also mentioned the growth in team dynamics during her absence. “I believe we have become stronger as a team while I was away,” she stated. “The players have risen to the challenges and displayed great resilience.”

When asked about her personal objectives for the rest of the season, Müller expressed her determination to keep improving and contributing to the team’s success. “My main focus is to maintain my fitness and perform at my highest level,” she explained. “I also want to be a positive role model for my teammates and assist them in reaching our collective goals.”

To conclude, Müller expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to play the sport she loves and highlighted the significance of teamwork in achieving success on the field. “I am looking forward to what lies ahead for our team,” she said. “Together, we can accomplish great things.”

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