New squad numbers have been assigned to McCabe and Codina in the latest Arsenal news.

Based on a recent announcement, fans who bought the 24/25 home jerseys with the previous squad numbers will have a chance to request a free exchange. This has been met with excitement from loyal supporters who want to show their dedication to the team with the accurate squad numbers on their jerseys.

The complimentary exchange offer is a gesture of goodwill from the club to guarantee that fans can confidently wear the latest home jerseys with the updated squad numbers. This reflects the club’s commitment to providing the best possible experience for their devoted fan base.

To take advantage of the offer, fans can contact the club’s customer service team and provide proof of purchase for their original jersey. Once the request is processed, they can expect to receive their new jerseys promptly.

In summary, this exchange program demonstrates the club’s devotion to their fans and their aim to ensure that supporters can proudly represent the team with the most current merchandise. Fans are encouraged to utilize this complimentary exchange offer to ensure that their jerseys have the correct squad numbers for the 24/25 season.

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