Mikel Arteta of Arsenal has declared that it is time for his team to display their competitive edge.

The manager stated that the season was certainly challenging for the team, with tough opponents and various injuries. However, he expressed pride in the team’s perseverance until the end.

When asked about the team’s performance, the manager noted some impressive moments where they played well and achieved significant victories. He also commended the players for their determination and teamwork.

In terms of improvements, the manager acknowledged some inconsistencies in the team’s performance and highlighted the need to work on consistency and focus in certain matches. He also mentioned the importance of strengthening certain areas of the squad for the upcoming season.

Despite the obstacles, the manager remains optimistic and believes in the team’s potential to achieve great things. He believes that with the right mindset and improvements, they can have a successful season next year.

As the Premier League season draws to a close, the manager stressed the importance of setting new goals and looking towards the future. He expressed excitement for the team’s growth and development and is confident that they will continue to improve.

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