Liverpool News: UEFA advises that referee for England vs Netherlands match should be “blacklisted” following penalty controversy

Former Netherlands national team player Pierre van Hooijdonk is calling for UEFA to take action against referee Felix Zwayer after a controversial penalty decision in the Euro 2024 semi-final. Van Hooijdonk believes Zwayer’s call had a significant impact on the outcome of the match and has urged UEFA to ban the referee from officiating future games. The penalty call sparked outrage among fans and players alike, with many questioning Zwayer’s decision-making abilities. Van Hooijdonk’s plea for UEFA to take action highlights the importance of fair and unbiased refereeing in football, as well as the need for accountability when mistakes are made on the pitch. It remains to be seen whether UEFA will heed van Hooijdonk’s call for action against Zwayer, but the incident serves as a reminder of the high stakes involved in officiating at the highest levels of the sport.

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