Liverpool News: Liverpool knows exactly why Roy Keane is wrong again with lazy dig at Trent Alexander-Arnold

In a recent interview, former Manchester United captain Roy Keane has once again criticized Trent Alexander-Arnold’s playing style and suggested that the Liverpool player should not be considered for a midfield role in the England national team during Euro 2024. Keane has previously expressed his disapproval of the young defender’s defensive abilities and has now doubled down on his stance, stating that Alexander-Arnold lacks the necessary qualities to excel in the midfield position for his country.

Keane’s comments have sparked a debate among football fans and pundits, with some agreeing with his assessment of Alexander-Arnold’s limitations and others defending the talented player’s abilities. Alexander-Arnold has been a key player for Liverpool in recent years, showcasing his exceptional passing range and crossing ability from the right-back position. However, Keane believes that these attributes do not translate well to the midfield role, where defensive duties and physicality are more important.

It remains to be seen how England’s manager will approach the situation leading up to Euro 2024 and whether Alexander-Arnold will be considered for a midfield role in the national team. In the meantime, the debate around the Liverpool star’s capabilities continues to rage on, with Keane’s comments adding fuel to the fire. Regardless of the final decision, it is clear that Alexander-Arnold will need to prove his critics wrong and show that he has what it takes to succeed in any position on the field.

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