Liverpool News: Gareth Southgate says Trent Alexander-Arnold is not the ideal replacement for axed flop

In a recent interview, England manager Gareth Southgate shed some light on his decision to experiment with moving Trent Alexander-Arnold into the midfield position. Southgate admitted that Alexander-Arnold is not a natural fit for the role, but explained that he was motivated to try something new in order to address the team’s midfield problems.

Southgate’s decision to try Alexander-Arnold in midfield comes as no surprise to those who have been following England’s recent struggles in the middle of the park. The team has been lacking creativity and stability in midfield, leading to a number of disappointing results in recent matches.

While Alexander-Arnold may not be the ideal solution to England’s midfield woes, Southgate’s willingness to try new tactics and think outside the box is certainly commendable. It shows that he is not afraid to take risks in order to find a solution to the team’s problems.

Only time will tell if Alexander-Arnold’s move to midfield will pay off for England, but one thing is for certain – Southgate is committed to doing whatever it takes to find success for his team. As the manager continues to experiment and explore different options, fans can only hope that his bold decisions will ultimately lead to positive results on the pitch.

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