Liverpool News: Anthony Gordon reaffirms Liverpool legend as his football hero as transfer rumors resurface

Newcastle United winger Anthony Gordon, a hometown hero, has never shied away from expressing his admiration for Liverpool legend. The talented youngster has always looked up to the former Liverpool player and has openly spoken about how he has been inspired by his success on the pitch.

Recent rumors have linked Gordon with a potential move to Liverpool, which has reignited his admiration for the club and its former player. It is no secret that the winger has always dreamed of playing for a club of Liverpool’s caliber, and this speculation has only fueled his desire to make that dream a reality.

As Gordon continues to impress with his performances on the pitch, it is clear that he has the talent and potential to play for a top club like Liverpool. Whether or not the move will materialize remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure – Anthony Gordon’s admiration for Liverpool and its hero will always remain strong.

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