Liverpool News: Andy Robertson leaves first Scotland training session days before Euro 2024 opener

Liverpool’s Andy Robertson, the star defender for Scotland’s national team, was forced to leave the team’s initial training session in Germany ahead of Euro 2024 prematurely. The 28-year-old left the session early due to a suspected injury, raising concerns among fans and team officials about his status for the upcoming tournament.

Robertson, who plays a crucial role at left-back for both Liverpool and Scotland, is known for his defensive prowess and attacking capabilities. His presence on the field is vital for his team’s success, making his injury a cause for worry.

Scotland’s national team is gearing up for Euro 2024, where they will face tough competition from other top European teams. Losing a key player like Robertson would be a significant blow to their chances in the tournament.

Team officials have not released any details about the nature or severity of Robertson’s injury, leaving fans to speculate about his availability for the upcoming matches. The defender will undergo further evaluation and treatment to determine the extent of his injury and his potential return to the field.

For now, Scotland will have to wait anxiously for updates on Robertson’s condition as they continue to prepare for Euro 2024. His absence would undoubtedly be a setback for the team, but they will have to regroup and adjust their strategies accordingly in his potential absence.

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