Kolo Toure: How Six Matches Solidified Our Unbeatable Streak at Arsenal

A former member of the Arsenal football club, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the team’s unbeaten season, recently had a special interview with Frimmy to reminisce on some of the team’s most memorable games.

Throughout the interview, the retired player reflected on the impressive accomplishment of not losing a single game during the 2003-2004 season. He spoke positively of the team’s strong camaraderie and spirit, highlighting noteworthy moments from famous matches.

One particular game that stood out for the former defender was their tense matchup against Manchester United, where they secured a crucial win to maintain their unbeaten streak. He recalled the intense atmosphere at Highbury stadium that day and the determined mindset among the players.

Another unforgettable match for the retired player was the exhilarating Champions League bout against Real Madrid, where Arsenal emerged victorious against the Spanish powerhouse. He shared how the team’s strategic approach and resilience during the game led to their triumph, leaving a lasting impact on him.

In general, the former defender expressed his pride and appreciation for being a part of such an esteemed team that made a mark in football history. As they reflect on their incredible achievement as the Invincibles, the memories of those unforgettable matches continue to motivate him and his former teammates.

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