Jorginho has been chosen to be a part of Italy’s Euro 2024 Squad, according to Arsenal News.

The Italian midfielder, an integral player for the Azzurri, has expressed his determination to defend their title in Germany after their triumphant win at Euro 2020. He played a crucial role in their victory and is now focused on helping the team maintain their winning streak and impressive form. As they prepare for the upcoming tournament, he is well aware of the challenges ahead but remains confident in their ability to defend their title. He believes that the Azzurri possess the necessary talent, skill, and determination to once again lift the trophy and leave their mark on the international stage. The midfielder’s unwavering commitment and dedication to the team’s success will be crucial as they face tough competition from other top teams. Fans of Italy are eagerly anticipating their performance in Germany and have faith that the midfielder and his teammates will replicate their success from Euro 2020.

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