Halifax Town A.F.C: A Legacy in English Football

Halifax Town A.F.C., a club with a rich history in English football, traces its roots back to May 24, 1911, when it was formed at the Saddle Hotel in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Over the years, the club achieved remarkable feats and left an indelible mark on the sport. In this article, we’ll delve into the club’s history, its greatest achievements, notable players, and its legacy as it evolved into FC Halifax Town.

Halifax Town A.F.C: Formation and Early Years 

Halifax Town A.F.C. was born out of a passion for football in the heart of West Yorkshire. Its early years were marked by a commitment to the game and a determination to succeed. As the club grew, it began to make its presence felt in English football.

Greatest Achievements of Halifax Town A.F.C.

The club’s journey in the Football League was not without notable successes. In 1934–35, this football club achieved its highest league position, finishing second in the Football League Third Division North. It was a remarkable achievement that showcased the club’s competitive spirit.

In the 1970-71 season, this football club came tantalizingly close to promotion, securing a third-place finish in the Football League Third Division, just one spot away from reaching the next tier of English football.

However, the pinnacle of their achievements came in 1997–98 when the club won the Conference National title. This victory marked a triumphant return to the Football League after five years in the fifth tier. It was a testament to the club’s resilience and determination.

Stadium and Capacity

Halifax Town A.F.C. called The Shay its home. This multi-purpose sports stadium, situated in Halifax, West Yorkshire, had a capacity of 10,401. With 5,108 seats and 5,293 standing places, it provided a vibrant and energetic atmosphere for fans.

The Shay was owned by Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council and leased by the Shay Stadium Trust, ensuring that it remained a vital part of the club’s identity.

Greatest Players

The club saw several outstanding players who left an indelible mark on its history. Here are some notable ones:

Player Name Contributions
Ernie Dixon Scored 133 goals in 234 league appearances between 1922 and 1929.
Albert Valentine Set a club record of 89 league goals in a single season (1934–35) and was the top scorer in the Football League Third Division North that year.
Bill Chambers Scored six goals in a single game against New Brighton in 1933, a club record that still stands.
Geoff Horsfield Scored 30 goals in the Conference National in 1997–98, helping the club win the title and secure promotion to the Football League.
Jamie Vardy Scored 22 goals in the Northern Premier League Premier Division in 2010–11, contributing to back-to-back promotions to the Conference North. Later, he went on to play for Leicester City and the England national team.

Financial Challenges and Dissolution

Regrettably, financial troubles plagued Halifax Town A.F.C., leading to its dissolution in 2008. The club faced significant financial difficulties, which ultimately forced its exit from the football scene.

Successor Club: FC Halifax Town

Following the dissolution of Halifax Town A.F.C., FC Halifax Town emerged as its successor. The new club currently competes in the National League, which is the fifth tier of English football. As of September 2023, this football club occupied the tenth position with 13 points from 10 games, showcasing their resilience and commitment to carrying forward the legacy of their predecessor.

Current Net Worth of FC Halifax Town

Halifax Town A.F.C. may no longer exist, but FC Halifax Town has continued to thrive. As of September 2023, the successor club boasted a net worth of 15 million pounds, underlining their financial stability and potential for further growth.


Halifax Town A.F.C. will forever be remembered as a club that experienced both triumphs and challenges throughout its existence. Its legacy lives on, a club that is striving to carve its own path in English football. From its humble beginnings at the Saddle Hotel to its remarkable achievements, This football club remains an integral part of West Yorkshire’s sporting history.

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