Breaking News: Our Youth Team Returns to Training with 41 New Photos

The summer training sessions for academy players at the Sobha Realty Training Centre were recently launched, with numerous exciting moments captured during the event. The young players, who trained at the state-of-the-art facility, demonstrated their determination and dedication for the upcoming season.

Sources at the training centre reported a lively atmosphere as the players displayed their skills and perseverance on the field. Coaches and trainers were impressed by their talents and commitment, and are confident in the team’s prospects for the upcoming season.

One notable moment was when a young player scored an impressive goal, earning cheers and admiration from the crowd. This not only showcased the player’s individual abilities, but also highlighted the team’s united and collaborative playing style.

Aside from on-field activities, the training sessions also featured exercises and tasks aimed at building team spirit and promoting sportsmanship among the players. These were well-received as the players appreciated the chance to bond with their team and develop crucial life skills alongside their football skills.

Overall, the summer training sessions at the Sobha Realty Training Centre were a huge success, with the players displaying great potential for the upcoming season. With hard work, focus, and teamwork, the academy players are poised for a successful and fulfilling season ahead.

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