Breaking News from Arsenal: Commemorating Global Refugee Awareness Day

To celebrate World Refugee Day, a soccer tournament was held at The Arsenal Hub for survivors of torture. It aimed to unite refugees who have faced traumatic experiences and give them a platform to demonstrate their resilience and strength. Those who participated in the tournament expressed appreciation for the chance to connect with others and bond over similar challenges. They shared stories of hardship and determination, highlighting the importance of community and support in their healing journeys. The atmosphere at The Arsenal Hub was one of camaraderie and solidarity, with players from diverse backgrounds joining together in a friendly and spirited competition. The tournament showcased the power of sports to bring people together and provide a sense of belonging and purpose. As the event concluded, organizers and participants reflected on its impact and expressed hope for future opportunities to come together and celebrate strength and resilience. Overall, the football tournament was a huge success, demonstrating the courage and resilience of torture survivors on World Refugee Day.

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