Arsenal News: Photo Gallery: Pre-Season Training for Our Under-18 Team

The players under Jack Wilshere have been diligently training at Sobha Realty Training Centre in preparation for the upcoming season. They have been working on various aspects of their game to make sure they are at their best when the season begins.

According to sources, the team has been putting in extra effort to improve their physical fitness through rigorous training sessions. The coaches have been challenging the players to push past their limits in order to reach peak physical condition and prepare for the upcoming challenges.

Along with their physical efforts, the team has also been focusing on improving their tactical skills. They have been fine-tuning their strategies and playing style to be well-equipped for any opponents they may face. The team has been putting emphasis on teamwork and communication on the field, understanding the importance of working together for success.

Overall, the team’s training at Sobha Realty Training Centre has been highly concentrated and intense, with all members giving their best to get ready for the season. With Jack Wilshere’s leadership, the team is confident in their ability to have a strong start and compete at the highest level.

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