Argentina national football team vs france national football team timeline

In the realm of international football, few rivalries are as storied and intense as that between Argentina and France. These two football powerhouses have a history that spans decades, with numerous encounters in various tournaments, including the prestigious FIFA World Cup. In this article, we’ll delve into Argentina national football team vs france national football team timeline, the historical  clashes and memorable moments when Argentina and France faced off on the world’s biggest football stage.

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Argentina and France International Matches


No. Year Match result Event
1 1930 France 0-1 Argentina FIFA World Cup
2 1965 France 0-0 Argentina Friendly
3 1971 Argentina 3-4 France Friendly
4 1971 Argentina 2-0 France Friendly
5 1972 Argentina 0-0 France Brazil Independence Cup
6 1974 France 0-1 Argentina Friendly
7 1977 Argentina 0-0 France Friendly
8 1978 Argentina 2-1 France FIFA World Cup
9 1986 France 2-0 Argentina Friendly
10 2007 France 0-1 Argentina Friendly
11 2009 France 0-2 Argentina Friendly
12 2018 France 4-3 Argentina FIFA World Cup
13 2022 Argentina 3-3 France FIFA World Cup


Argentina and France have crossed paths on the football field in international matches a total of 13 times. These contests have provided fans with moments of brilliance, heartbreak, and fierce competition.

Out of these 13 matches, Argentina emerged victorious in six, showcasing their prowess on the global football stage. In contrast, France managed to secure three wins, proving that they, too, are a formidable force in international football. The remaining three matches concluded with a shared score, highlighting the competitive nature of this enduring rivalry.

FIFA World Cup Encounters

The inaugural face-off between Argentina and France took place during the 1930 World Cup group stage in Uruguay. In a tightly contested match, Argentina claimed victory with a 1-0 win, courtesy of Luis Monti’s precise strike in the 81st minute. This pivotal win contributed to France’s premature exit from the tournament.

Their next encounter unfolded at the 1978 World Cup hosted in Argentina. France suffered elimination in the group stages after a challenging match against Argentina, which concluded with a 2-1 scoreline. Daniel Passarella secured an early lead for Argentina, but Michel Platini equalized for France in the 61st minute. However, Leopoldo Luque’s 74th-minute goal tilted the balance in favor of Argentina, sealing their victory.

Memorable 2018 Round of 16

Fast forward to the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, where these formidable opponents clashed once more, this time in the knockout stages. Despite historical precedence favoring Argentina, the French team exhibited remarkable prowess. The match evolved into a nail-biting seven-goal thriller. The match ended with France defeating Argentina 4-3, leaving fans with unforgettable moments and a deep appreciation for the beautiful game.

France’s Kylian Mbappe emerged as a game-changer, orchestrating back-to-back strikes after the hour mark, turning the tide in France’s favor. Benjamin Pavard’s exceptional goal had equalized the scoreline at 2-2. Although Sergio Aguero’s late goal provided a moment of hope for Argentina, it was France who eventually sailed into the quarter-finals, ultimately securing the prestigious World Cup.

Here is a summary of FIFA World Cup 2018: France vs Argentina, as it happened in the round of 16 fixture

Last Argentina vs France match( FIFA 2022 World Cup)

This match-up was a replay of the 2018 Round of 16 tie, where Kylian Mbappe stole the show as France emerged with a 4-3 victory en route to claiming the title in Moscow. It was Messi taking his final shot at World Cup glory, and Mbappe aimed to defend his crown.

Both Argentina and France had their sights set on a common goal – winning their third FIFA World Cup title. These teams had a rich history of success in the tournament and were eager to add another star to their collection.

First Half (argentina national football team vs france national football team timeline)

Commencing the game, France initiated play, but Argentina swiftly secured a 2-0 lead courtesy of Lionel Messi’s successful penalty and a goal from Ángel Di María. France made tactical substitutions and concluded the first half trailing behind with a 0-2 score.

Second Half

Argentina dictated the game’s tempo but conceded two goals to France in the 80th minute. Kylian Mbappé converted a penalty and promptly followed it up with a stunning volley, leveling the score at 2-2. Amid a controversial diving incident, both teams had opportunities to secure victory in added time, yet the game concluded in a draw, necessitating an extra-time period.

Extra Time

The initial phase of extra time concluded without any goals, with Lautaro Martínez missing crucial opportunities for Argentina. In the latter half of extra time, Lionel Messi found the net, but France swiftly equalized with a penalty from Mbappé, who completed a hat-trick. Both teams had near misses in the closing moments.

Penalty Shoot-out

The match progressed into a tense penalty shoot-out. Argentina emerged victorious with a 4-2 win, aided by a pivotal save by their goalkeeper, Emiliano Martínez. Montiel’s successful penalty secured the win, granting Argentina their third World Cup title.

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In the world of international football, the rivalry between Argentina and France is a tale of skill, passion, and unforgettable moments.  This rivalry is a testament to the enduring appeal of the FIFA World Cup and the enduring love of the sport. Whether on the pitch or in the stands, the clash between Argentina and France is a spectacle that captivates football fans worldwide.

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