According to experts, Saliba is determined to make a mark for himself while representing France.

French sports journalist Julien Laurens has highlighted the significant impact that William Saliba has on the France national team. According to Laurens, Saliba’s exceptional defensive skills, tactical intelligence, and composed attitude during high-pressure moments have solidified his role as a key player for Les Bleus. Not only has the 20-year-old defender secured a permanent position on the team with his consistent performances, but he has also earned respect and praise from his peers and coaches.

Laurens believes that Saliba’s presence in the squad strengthens France’s defense, making them a formidable force in global competitions. His ability to anticipate the opponent’s moves, execute crucial tackles, and distribute the ball efficiently has greatly contributed to reinforcing the team’s defensive line.

In summary, William Saliba’s remarkable talent and composure on the field have made him an invaluable asset for the French national team. With his skills and maturity, he is poised to play a crucial role in France’s pursuit of success on the international stage.

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