According to Arsenal’s coach Mikel, West Ham may present a difficult challenge for City.

Reportedly, Arsenal’s manager Mikel Arteta is seeking advice from his former mentor David Moyes as the race for the Premier League title intensifies. The two have a strong bond from their time together at Everton, where Arteta played midfielder under Moyes.

Impressed by Moyes’ work at West Ham United this season, Arteta sees him as a valuable source of knowledge and experience. As Arsenal competes for a top-four position, the Spanish manager believes Moyes’ insight and guidance could give them an extra edge and secure a spot in the Champions League. He has reached out to Moyes for assistance with tactics, player management, and handling the pressures of the title race.

Arteta’s decision to seek Moyes’ help demonstrates his humility and willingness to learn from others in the football community. Even as a relatively young and inexperienced manager, he recognizes the value of leaning on more seasoned coaches for support and advice.

As the Premier League title race nears its end, Arteta will rely on Moyes for wisdom and guidance to guide Arsenal to a successful finish. With Moyes as a mentor, Arteta aims to make a strong push for a top-four finish and possibly even challenge for the title.

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